Your customized massage harmonizes, restores, and deeply relaxes your body. It will calm your nerves and stimulate circulation to relieve tension, eliminate toxins and build healthy tissue. Voted "Best Massage" in Vail Valley. We offer the following types of massages:

Signature Massages

Sonnenalp Signature Massage

A full-body light to medium pressure massage that relieves muscle tension and improves circulation while promoting deep relaxation. 50 or 80 Minutes.

Signature Aromatherapy Massage

Choose a custom blend of aromatherapy oils to enhance your Signature Massage. 50 or 80 Minutes.

Deep Therapeutic Massage

A firm and deep pressure massage focusing specifically on painful or tense areas. Your therapist will use trigger point, myofascial and deep tissue techniques to break up adhesions and stored toxins to help bring the muscles back into balance. 50 or 80 Minutes.

Mountain Sports Massage

Soothe your aches and pains after playing on the mountain with this firm pressure and gentle stretching massage to help improve joint mobility. 50 or 80 Minutes.

Couple’s Signature Massage

Enjoy each other’s company as you relax together in our couple’s suite while indulging in a full-body, light to medium pressure massage. Please specify if one or both would prefer to upgrade to a Deep Therapeutic Massage instead of the Signature when booking. Complete your treatment while indulging in a complimentary glass of wine or champagne. 50 or 80 Minutes.

20-Minute Invigorating Massage

This 20-minute, target-specific massage is the perfect quick fix for tired and sore muscles.

Far Infrared Biomat

Add the Biomat for extra rejuvenation and relaxation during your massage treatment. The Biomat uses far infrared heat to deeply penetrate your muscles while reducing stress, stimulating your immune system and boosting injury recovery. It can help alleviate symptoms associated with jet lag, headaches and indigestion as well as easing the adjustment to high altitude. Not available with all treatments. Please see Spa Concierge for details.

Specialized Massages

Warm Herbal Poultice Massage

Drift away tensions while enjoying this traditional Thai massage. A hot steamed herbal poultice opens the pores and brings a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to alleviate aches and pains, release tensions, detoxify and revitalize. 80 Minutes.

Head and Toes Thai Poultice Massage

Indulge in this warm herbal compress massage based on ancient Thai massage principles. Starting at the head and neck, and finishing with your ankles and feet, your therapist will gently massage energetic points with a steamed compress. 50 Minutes.


A modality that incorporates sound and vibration to harmonize, relax and rejuvenate the mind and body and enhance and deepen your massage experience. 50 or 80 Minutes. Based on therapist availability.

Heated Stone Massage

Using heated and smooth river stones, this treatment allows for a warm and deep relaxation, bringing soothing relief to tight and aching muscles. 75 Minutes.

Prenatal Massage

A gentle massage that focuses on relieving muscle tension and stress on weight-bearing joints, neck, shoulders and lower back, helping provide relaxation for mother-to-be and baby. Please consult with your doctor before booking your appointment. 50 Minutes.

Spa Reflexology

This holistic treatment stimulates the reflex points on your feet and hands to evoke a systemic reaction that relaxes and revitalizes your entire body. Enjoy a foot exfoliation with the 50-minute treatment. 20 or 50 Minutes. Based on therapist availability.

20-Minute Hand and Foot Combination

Enjoy a relaxing hand and foot massage when you don’t have time for the full body.

20-Minute Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Melt scalp and neck tension away while de-stressing your mind. Can also be added on to the end of any other massage or body treatments.


Massage and Body Treatment Enhancements

Add on to your massage or body treatment to maximize your experience.

20-minute Head, Neck and Scalp Massage
20-minute Foot Massage
20-minute Spa Reflexology*

*Based on therapist availability